Wagler, 1830

Dendrobates is a genus of lowland rainforest frogs endemic to southern Central America and South America, and is represented by the following species:

D. auratus (Girard, 1855)
D. leucomelas (Steindachner, 1864)
D. nubeculosus (Jungfer and Böhme, 2004)
D. tinctorius ((Cuvier, 1797))
D. truncates (Cope, 1861)

These are medium to large-sized Dendrobatids, with species and morphs ranging between ¾” to around 1 ¾” (1.9 cm to 4.45 cm) snout to vent.  All are diurnal and exhibit aposematic coloration.

Dendro, from the Greek “Dendron”, meaning tree; bates, from the Greek word referring to climbing.

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